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【初音ミク & 巡音ルカ】日本の、光り。【オリジナル】

日本の、光り。 Hopeful Colors in Japan 【春】 桜舞う野辺に佇み 眺むれば幼い松の木 風よ 北へ香り乗せて 咲いて、散って、実を結べよ 鮮やかにいのちの彩り 照らし出す 日本の光り Like snowflakes, cherry petals are dancing. A girl is standing still in the shadow of the tree on the hill. The young pine trees are growing along the coast. The cherry-blossom front is advancing northward with the sweet fragrance. The cherry blossom is gone, but the trees produce a lot of fruit. The sun is shining on life. The light creates the marvellous colors of the trees and the flowers. 【夏】 海原に釣り人漕ぎ出で 群青と天色溶け合い 空よ 潮の調べ包み 流れまじわり幸を恵めよ おだやかにいのちを育む 深みどり 日本のちから A young fisherman's boat is rolling on the sea. Deep sea blue marries with sky blue. The sky is listening to the voice of the waves. The warm current and the cold current give him a large haul. The forests raise fertile sea. Deep forestgreen is the energy of Japan. 【秋】 黄金の稲穂輝き 山嶺は紅葉の焔 森よ 急ぐ遍路守り せめて宿まで驟雨防げよ 虫の音にいのちを憐れむ 月明かり 日本の心 The ears of rice are shining gold. The leaves have turned to red. The pilgrims are hurrying to the temple through the woods. The trees protect them from a sudden rain. The Japanese can hear the chirping of a bell cricket as a tune of the earth. The moonlight gives us poetic sensibiliy to keep the nature in awe.  【心】  言葉なく頭垂れる人  ほほえんで道譲る人  慎ましく、気高く  静かなる誇り The wise men make a bow like the ears of rice, The experienced persons make way for the next generation, In a modest and high-minded manner. Consideration is hidden inside. 【冬】 初霜に滝は眠りて 枯木立凛とそびえる 木々よ 芽吹く明日に備え しばし届かぬ星を見上げよ 天地にいのちを重ねて あかねさす 日本の夜明け The first frost changes a waterfall into a white path on surface of a mountain. The old trees are standing tall in a cold wind. The young trees are looking up at the sky to reach the stars. The stars are so far, but they might realize their dream. Someone passes away, someone gives a first cry. The laughter of the children fill a madder-colored sky. 日本の光り We can see a marvellous scene in various parts of Japan. (作詞作曲:Sei_Lyric, 2012/09/22) ※タイトルの送り仮名は、意図的なものです。 ※英文は、日本語詩の意味を海外リスナーに伝えるためのものであり、英詩ではありません。 ※YouTubeの動画の英訳の2番にコピペミスがあります。 listening > listening to 修正版に差し替える予定はありません。

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