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    If we only believe in all the things we know
    we can never exist with any meaning
    I pray for you to look away from the end
    So sing for the happiness for us to bring

    Do you know of the thoughts he held inside
    that kept his heart within a cage through every day
    The meaningless worries and unfounded fears
    shut his eyes to the heart standing in his way

    We all ignore the things we hear
    (until the end)
    and we only think of things to see
    (from what there is)
    And the fruit we find unreachable to have
    withers slowly, never to be

    As we look to the fleeting things beyond our reach
    we forget all the lingering and hidden
    The starlight shining through the cloudy veil
    spreads around in the mist from places far within

    And the lost souls continue wandering everywhere
    with the sorrows they gather from around them
    We live, we weep, we sing, we falter
    and we dream of the night when we can breathe again

    Do you know of the wishes in her heart
    that cried out in the silent night, with no one there?
    But wishes were never words upon her lips
    as she smiled on serenely without a care

    We wallow quietly in blame
    (before the end)
    for the things we shared among us all
    (what can we do?)
    Yet all we do is throw ourselves away
    and destroy ourselves in our fall

    As we chase all the fragments of a dying dream
    it dissolves in the shadow of our lifelines
    The starlight falling from the broken sky
    surrounds us in mist that lingers by our side

    Shall we sing for the souls who only stood alone
    Who rejected the hand that never left them?
    We dream, we wish, we sing, we linger
    and we wait for the day when we can breathe again

    You forgot all the things you thought yourself to be
    and believe that there's nothing left to be there
    But starlight filtering from high above
    still will reach you from mist that's glowing everywhere

    To you, made of pieces of our thoughts combined
    Your existence is not defined by you alone
    We meet, we love, we sing, we wander
    and we live and we breathe inside what we have known

    We will meet in the end where all the lost ones go
    and we'll find all the starlight that we're looking for
    We think, we choose, we sing, we wonder
    if tomorrow those distant things will be no more

    Your only "self" exists right now
    because there's nothing that's left of what there was before

    もっとみるLyrics by Lystrialleさん



    投稿日時:2016/11/05 16:20:39