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明ける空へと(feat. GUMI, VOCALOID Megpoid V4) > 作品つながり

English title is "To the dawning sky".

Singer and chorus is GUMI, VOCALOID Megpoid V4 Whisper.
Music is powered by KORG M01D.
102 BPM, 50 Swing.
Original FX - Delay(Tempo=SYNC OFF, Time=28, L/R Ratio=+1, Feedback=64, Level=72)
Tr2 - EX: SquarePad + FX
Tr3 - 01/W: GospelOrg + FX
Tr5 - 01/W: PianoPad2 + FX
Tr6 - 01/W: ChorusGtr + FX
Tr7 - EX: FatBass
Tr8 - 01/W: TotalKit +FX

Movie is on YouTube.


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