2007年末に、ふとしたことから知ったVOCALOID、およびDTM環境の大いなる※いろいろな可能性に魅せられ、作曲を基礎から勉強し、初音ミク用に作詞作曲を開始。そして、皆さんの仲間に加わることといたしました。 (※ 「いろいろな可能性」について具体的には下記参照のこと)

【Hatsune Miku V3 English】 Various colors【Original song】 > 作品つながり

【Hatsune Miku V3 English】 Various colors【Original song】


It is a red color that is gorgeous and sound. From that,
heat and vigor overflow, and it is full of great passion.
It is the red from that life, pulse, deep love splits spring
and fighting spirit to burn gushes so greatly and so brilliantly.
The blue color is calm and is felt sentimental.
It is the color of presence of mind, trust,
and broad gentleness.
The color is clean and cool and is rational.
Blue is the color of refreshing comfortably, excellently.
Each of various colors has their own various meanings.
It has various impressions, various uses each other.
The color colors life variously, and make my way of life
and world more wealthly and more attractive and more fantastic.

It is yellow that is with an impression of
the lively cheerful youth.
It is the color of gorgeous and pleasure.
Yellow is pretty and is promising in the future and,
though inexperienced, it is a color of pleasure.
It is the purple that is full of dignity, and is noble.
Purple is the color of mystery and full of wisdom.
It is smart color with beauty in refined luxury.
Purple is holy, attractive color with full of beauty.
Various colors include the mood in each various ways.
They have various images, various merits for each.
Each color colors various things and give glory for each.
They give the life of everybody full of charm for our.

【Hatsune Miku V3 English】 Various colors【Original song】

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