2007年末に、ふとしたことから知ったVOCALOID、およびDTM環境の大いなる※いろいろな可能性に魅せられ、作曲を基礎から勉強し、初音ミク用に作詞作曲を開始。そして、皆さんの仲間に加わることといたしました。 (※ 「いろいろな可能性」について具体的には下記参照のこと)

Song of the pollinosis > ツイート

Youtube PV版 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15Y9V-YHo9w

My nose Is crumpled persistently . It's too hard and tiring. Why do I become in such condition like this in early spring?
Ceders splash a lot of pollens and they arrive into my nose.
The proverb is actually right . Too much Cedar is as bad as too little. (^_^;)

Noses of many person are crumpled so persistently . Why do we become in such condition like this every year ?  
Not only cedar and hinoki but also black alder, white birch ,pine ,zelkova, quercus serrata, fagus crenata , and so on.
Much pollens of such trees are splashed and fly into our nose.
The proverb is actually right.  Fact is tree stranger than fiction. (^^ゞ

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