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'Blizz-P' is a Filipino Vocaloid producer. He was born on December 6, 1992 in Zamboanga City. The "P" in Blizz-P stands for Prince and not producer, it is an abbreviation for his full name Blizzard Prince. He started producing music since he was Grade 5. He started making covers since 2011. His earlier videos were covers, most notably "Gemini" as covered by Kagamine Len and Gumi.

[SeeU] - Neko Neko Beat > ブクマでつながった作品

I hope someone collaborates and makes a PV out of my song :) -Blizz

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My first original vocaloid song composition.
Lyrics translated to Japanese by: Eliel Salting
You can cover this song, but please credit us. Thanks. :)

Link to VSQx with Off-Vocal:

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