Rhapsody of deflationary spiral

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Lyrics of Rhapsody of deflationary spiral 【Vocaloid Megurine Luka】 original song


Original song in Japanese is here 日本語原曲はこちら。http://piapro.jp/t/hrp0

1. Because the products do not sell, the shop lower the stocking price.
What a cruel thing do you do this time? So we lower the salary, too.
Salaries have decreased at last. There's no help for it. From now on
We buy cheap things,service only. There're no room for luxury.
Everybody saves services as well as goods in any case.
And, in all shops, they do much and more further reduction in price again.
Only by sales decreasing steadily,
only reductions in price of salary and stocking continues without an end and all becomes poor.

2. That person receives treatment of money for welfare in these days.
There is more amount of money than that of our low salary. Oh.
I am so envious of it. I move a member of Diet,
I will let him abolish such a welfare treatment of money ,then.
Would you please wait a minute then. If you do anything like that
The treatment for welfare when you were troubled will also decrease at last.
Is not your salary too lower?
Let's devise a way of working and life, and let's change it for better life.
Let's live more positive life than now.

3. Great disaster had happened, and goods and electricity were in short.
Even if they were restored and recovered, all people were shrinking too much.
Without going out anywhere, and without having festivals,
they shut themselves up in the house and merely spend time idly then.
Would you please wait a minute then. If you do anything like that,
Work and incomes of everybody will decrease, and they will become poor.
If the economy becomes dented; as for you as for me,and more ,
that all of the stricken area only decline with people lives there, too.

2007年末に、ふとしたことから知ったVOCALOID、およびDTM環境の大いなる※いろいろな可能性に魅せられ、作曲を基礎から勉強し、初音ミク用に作詞作曲を開始。そして、皆さんの仲間に加わることといたしました。 (※ 「いろいろな可能性」について具体的には下記参照のこと)

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