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    illustration by Mauboxさん



    Another day
    Another chance to do everything wrong
    Always the same
    I'm so tired of this boring song

    No matter what
    There's no one in the world I can please
    I wish I could find a button to turn this noise off

    Wake up again
    The monsters waiting to tear me apart
    But I will show them what I'm made of, I will not give up

    I'm not worth much
    But I have to try, I'll do it for them
    They know my pain, they know my fears, they see me cry at night

    My life is on the line
    Get up and go to work and
    smile and pretend I'm fine
    And stay there overtime!

    This is not who I am
    Not what I want
    I want to eat and drink by myself, rest and stay home

    With my kitties together in bed
    With my kitties but I'm here instead
    With my kitties they lend me their strength
    Why am I at the office?
    I feel like the dead!

    With my kitties so warm and so soft
    With my kitties there's no paperwork
    With my kitties I'm never alone
    Forget about my day job
    Here's where I belong

    But first I need to pay off that loan

    Another week
    Another month, I feel like a robot
    Please set me free
    From this prison that I call my job

    Is there a point?
    When this darkness closes in on me
    I can't even hear the sound of my voice anymore

    Wake up again
    To this nightmare where things always go wrong
    When will this end? I just want some answers and some hope

    I must be strong
    Even if it kills me from the inside
    I'll fight the poison, I will show them what I'm made of because

    Nobody understands
    How hard it is for me to
    smile and pretend I'm fine
    and be nice and polite!

    This is not who I am
    Not what I need
    I hope the servers crash, let me go and be at peace

    With my kitties I wish I was there
    With my kitties and petting their heads
    With my kitties the world is okay
    I'll need another coffee
    To last through the day!

    With my kitties their noses I'll boop
    With my kitties their toes I will smooch
    With my kitties I know what to do
    Please cancel all my meetings
    So I can leave soon

    Tomorrow I will sleep until noon

    With my kitties...
    With my kitties...
    With my kitties I'm not at a loss
    I won't go to the office
    Too bad for my boss!

    With my kitties my selfies are great
    With my kitties they make me feel blessed
    With my kitties no one can compare
    I might get terminated
    But it's hard to care

    With my kitties...

    With my kitties...

    With my kitties...

    I laugh and we play
    But I lost my job so now

    I'll open a cat cafe

    もっとみるLyrics by Mauboxさん

    Music: Ankari
    Lyrics: Lluvia & Ankari
    Illust: Hikusa


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      Por un momento pensé que era gumi >u< aun así excelente canción y me voy cantando with my kitties XD

      2017/04/04 11:41:38 From  DarkRose_Beatus