Shiny days カラオケver. (コーラスあり)

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DLの際はメッセージお願い致します(_ _*)

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Morning greets
I wake up with your voice
This moment is so sweet
Precious and lovely

Ever since you stepped into my life
The sun has been shining
Always in my heart

In the dark I was crying like a child
Hopeless and lost
Feeling so lonely

But finally I found the light
Needless to say it was you Baby

With you I feel so all right
You're my best ever
Don't let me go, never
Head over heels I'm into you
So crazy for you
Make it last forever

With you I feel so alive
Just be by my side
We have nothing to hide
Now I believe we can fly to the sky

Shiny days always come after rainy days
What a tender love you're giving me
Rainbow sky, won't you brighten up our ways
We're a pair of lovers forever

Brand new days always come after gloomy days
What a tender hug you're giving me
Rainbow sky, let me forget all yesterdays
Hand in hand let us two stay together

Dewdrops glow
I can hope for tomorrow
Without any sorrows
The refreshing wind blows

And I know that this life rides with the flow
No matter come what may
Where you go I'll go

I used to live in a colorless gray world
But right now what I’m seeing is the rainbow in the sky
Oh my babe I love you for real from the bottom of my heart
I will promise to keep on singing for you

I love you
Joy to love

What a beautiful day
What a beautiful night
What a beautiful love
Wow wow yeah yeah

もっとみるLyrics by 環ネコ UNITED CATSさん



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    DL luka sounds great in this song☺

    2017/06/01 17:16:44 From  star_train

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