Blumetod - Lyrics

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Blumetod - lyrics

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father spoke once to me
of those left behind
blinded by the light
petals fell thus rewind

they'll remain for you
to set them them free
clock hands tick away and so i await them eagerly

Growing up the roses rise and the negative recedes
Shaking hands clutching to the faint seeds
Pollen provides a high much like that of deadly poison
Stick around and forget their emotion

I intend not to carry on With that of accepted
Give your lies another chance rejected
vi lent urges over take them; ripping worlds apart
pacified urges have yet to start

I don't care what They seem to think
They left to rot, their lives
Ignored regrets; Memories yet
They pursue on silent
corrupted minds yet at this time
no soul has yet to face
reality; the final page
of this nightmare's endgame

the aggressors of the blooming
flowers with future alluding
mend the fragments of sensation
hold out 'till their expiration

thus kept close like before, yet fragile as rust
mend but not complete
it breaks me

thus one more day has passed on by, yet nine crows have see seen
repetition future can't believe
voices speak like never before; mind breaking their stories
blame each other for all of their worries

counting down the days marked sunset, roses mocking "blossom"
river carry drifting through along
apprehension tainting the air views wavered by the sky
preparation lacking a goodbye

dreams broken
lies spoken
minds shaken
i call you
rise a new
i promise to write you all a new

pollinate implant the thoughts and and
preservate the souls of who can not
Mend the parcher left to rot then
incinerate remnants tied in knots

thus kept apart this time
rust grows on the line
thread mangled and yet
it destroys me

flower ichor seeps out
stained with crimson red
past returns and yet
i'll save thee

with the aid of broken dreams
i'll cast away the torn lost seams s
roots grow deeper than that of tragedy
extirpate the reaper already!

oh the petals flow in my veins
calling out to remember their names
leaves and vines, i'll play your symphony
thread out for them for eternity

you are freed

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