【Amy】City of CELTRA【R&B Trap】

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A city of rubble and desolation
A soulless mechanical monster roams the streets
We hunker down to save our lives
In dark hovels where the sun never shines
In a city of decay and despair
One by one the ruled are killed and their lives end
We'll stop now, we just want to live in peace
Under the sunny blue sky

It's like we're under siege and we're laughing?
(まるでそれは四面楚歌 笑っちまうだろ?)
Everywhere we go, the grim reaper beckons
An invitation to hell? I don't want an invitation!!
(地獄への招待か? そいつはお断りだ!!)
If you're going to die, you're going to die, Come on!!
cowards have been kidnapped by the sweet lure of death
The living are just trying to make it through the day
This is our way of life, in defiance of domination
We'll destroy you all to stay alive




  • 【Amy】City of CELTRA【R&B Trap】

    by KzCreationsさん