• oasis1stさん

    ご意見・感想: STOMP THE ENEMY


    2015/06/23 22:42:36 from: oasis1stさん

  • 暇人猫好きさん

    ご意見・感想: STOMP THE ENEMY


    2012/03/20 19:11:25 from: 暇人猫好きさん

  • Feliciavalさん

    ご意見・感想: STOMP THE ENEMY

    Dear Studiosatsuki: I'm an oversea UTAU and Vocaloid user, I fell in love with STOMP THE ENEMY. You are a great producer ^^ I would like very much to have off vocal version of this song, can you provide it for me? I have my own UTAU character, I wish to make a cover. I will give you all rights and credit ^^ Thank you~

    2011/08/28 02:44:18 from: Feliciavalさん