• kURAliCEさん moneyBさん


    Hi! Just to give context, I have a presentation called Current Events, where I present a recent event or news story, and I am planning on covering this competition. May I have permission to use your artwork as an example? You are one of 3 that I will be using, I will only be using it for this presentation only, unless if you appear in the finals, which I also plan to cover as well, and I will credit your name on the printed copy. This is tomorrow.

    2017/05/02 04:27:55 kURAliCEさん から moneyBさん へのメッセージ

  • 衣縫クローゼさん moneyBさん


    Hello! I like your snowmiku 2016&2018's design very much!!!! Your illustrations are very fantastic and cute❤︎ So I hope to use these design with someone. I am sorry if English was wrong.

    2017/04/21 08:04:07 衣縫クローゼさん から moneyBさん へのメッセージ