ピアプロID: Randwill

I am Randy Williams and I live in North Carolina, USA. I
am a freelance graphic artist and most of my
professional work is technical illustration.

I was introduced to Vocaloids in 2011 and finished my
first Miku illustration, "Miku Music Lake", in September
of 2011. I love imagining things that Miku would enjoy
doing and then creating these images.

I normally start a picture in pencil and then ink it
with Pitt Artist Pens. I scan this and then create the
color and other effects in Photoshop. I use a Bamboo
Tablet for this. I also sometimes use an old vector
drawing application called Freehand MX to draw some
elements and import these elements into the Photoshop

I love listening to Vocaloid music, but since I am not a
composer (however, I am an old rock and roll drummer) I
enjoy contributing to the Vocaloid culture with my
illustrations. I hope you enjoy seeing my work on