Here's my entry for 2015 Snow Miku! When someone said flower, I always remember fairies, so this time I collaborated Snow, Fairy, and goddess. You can see the Snow element by looking at the soft blue colour, snow flakes patterns on the hair, and fluffy snow ball accessories. The Fairy and flowers element are showed by the flowers accessories on her pony tail and butterflies. The goddess element are the elegant appearence, yet adorable.The colour I got for her hair were ispired by the gradation colour of snow and soft purple lavender. The transparent cloth was added to make the appearance more elegant, sophisticated, and cute. And at the butterfly wings, shawl, hair, there're polkadots spot (I got the inspiration by looking at flowers' spore). I konw that "keep it simple" will always work, but this time I wanted Miku to be a little different :3 Hope you like it!?


投稿日時 : 2014/05/01 11:28

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