Luii Lafeteさん

私の画像を使用する必要がある場合は、目的をもってSNSに連絡してください。 一部の画像は特に1つのPV / MVに限定されています。 私はあなたの許可を開きます。

Luii Lafeteさん

Luii Lafeteさん


私の画像を使用する必要がある場合は、目的をもってSNSに連絡してください。 一部の画像は特に1つのPV / MVに限定されています。 私はあなたの許可を開きます。
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Luii Lafete (Louis)




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If someday I'm dead and my dream haven't been reached yet Here I leave a bunch of my works Because I know I can't live forever but you can I don't want my dream to be dead as my body will I leave you designs, messages, and lyrics Bunch of unselected works that I created for you You may keep it but I hope someday you will use it Don't worry if I'm already dead, I'll make sure to reincarnate Someday if I'm alive again and forget you, I'll find you again I would keep this testament online I definitely find my forever dream whoever I am A gentle and genuine one from my heart If again after my second living yet my dream can't be reach I'll reborn again and again to find this words I'll remember my dream, the one I wrote To make you the most cute and beautiful on stage I want to create something for you who can be treasured A thing that is precious for all person who know you Who can't be replaced easily All of this heartbeat and warmth that you don't have I believe someday I could be part of you But which someday I don't know So again if I'm dead before I could reach Please keep it for me, I'll reaclaim it repeatbly and add it constantly I'll put it in the front page, so please don't disappear Please help me find it in the future If today is the future, then each seconds matter Pass it and continue it to the next me I know this will be difficult since I'm not born in the place you're born But definitely I'll come after you I'll riot to heaven and beat myself up if I can't find you This is my swear, I'll improve and keep my dream forever - (I want to design Hatsune Miku Costume for Magical Mirai, Snow Miku, Game, Merchs, etc, hope I could find this 100 years from now)

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