Snow Miku 2021 "Illumination" Light Festival! by JadedMilk

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Snow Miku 2021 illustration of the theme "Illumination" showing the image of Hokkaido snow in a Wintery Light Festival. Costume design for Miku and Yukine drawn by JadedMilk. Additional motifs added in forms of accessories that glow in the dark! Join Miku and Yukine in their journey to the Hokkaido Wintery Light Festival!

I was thinking of the annual Light Festival held in Hokkaido and brought a slight modern twist to the design using neon lights. Miku and Yukine are definitely feeling the chill and charm of Hokkaido.

Title of the work: "Light Festival!"
Base template of Miku and Yukine provided by Piapro.
Transparent background file on standby if needed by design team. (via email)

Snow Miku 2021 "Illumination" Light Festival! by JadedMilk

Hi, I'm JadedMilk, previously known as AmberFaux. I'm also on instagram.




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