a Piapro account and me

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just bored


hello! my name is ZaZaZamikochan, i spend my time for drawing, and watch anime. my parents didn't let me doing like that, but ... whatever, as their daughter i won't doing like what they want me to do! (like playing piano. my parents want me to playing piano better, but i really love drawing than playing music)

when i already study in Junior High School, i got many new friends that they love anime, and vocaloid. i'm so happy! altough i have a "worst home" i still can talking at school time. and a few days my mood come again, i watching anime and drawing with a "happy" mood.

yesterday (i think) i met my friend at school when she bring her laptop, i saw all her work about MMD, and i impressed "wow, you are so cool! where can i download these Model?" i said.

"you should have piapro account first, my friend make it for me." she said.


"yes, you can download all thing about MMD there."

"okay, i'm gonna make it. but, it's japanese, i can't read japanese."

"just do with google translate."

"oh, ok."

tadaa-- and then i make piapro account with my beloved google translate ;)

hi! i'm Indonesian! nice to meet you. ^^

Facebook ID = Zahradhiya Amalia
Twitter ID = @ZaZaZaMikochan
DeviantArt ID = ZaZaZamikochan

i'm anime addict!! and games addict!! and sleepy addict!! xDD