Burned Out

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illustration by 木々 硯さん


I want to know, want you to tell
Tell me what you are looking at
Isn't it me? In front of you
I'm just standing and looking at eyes

I just want words, the words that you say
Only those are the real thing
If I could get your answers I would give up
All hope of being together with you from now

I can't see you anymore
Because you burned out my eyes
Clear tear drops are twinkling
On the my eyes colored in gray
I can't hold you anymore
Because you burned out my arms
Shining Ring on middle finger
Of the my hand colored in gray

I want to tell, want you to know
How my heart has got burned by you
Don't you know that? In front of me
You're just standing but your heart's not there

I couldn't respond with the real smile
To the request that you wanted
It's just too late, now's not the past
Smiles have already disappeared from our faces

I can't song love anymore
Because you burned out my mouth
Biting off ironic jokes
With the my teeth colored in gray
Leaving my footprints in the ashes
That you have burned out
I go away from you
Turning my feet colored in gray
I will never go back to you

(Burned out, burned out)
(You burned, burned me out)

Burned out, burned out
You burned, burned me out

You burned, burned me out...



もっとみるLyrics by Donzoko(2MH)さん

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