Snow Miku 2017

投稿日:2016/05/10 14:17:16 | サイズ:2550x3600px(1,201KB) | 閲覧数:365 | カテゴリ:クリプトン公式


Thought I'd try this fun contest out. (^-^) Just my Snow Miku design that includes the Zodiac constellations' along with some snowflakes and starry night sky in parts of her outfit. Also, I tried adding a shooting star for each eye. I'm sorry I don't speak Japanese.

Snow Miku 2017



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    by Ikasamasamaさん

  • SNOW MIKU 2017

    by たこまぐろさん

  • 雪ミクデザイン

    by みなみさきさん

  • 2017年雪ミク衣装

    by eklll76さん

  • 2017雪ミク

    by 桜沢ラクさん

  • 2017 snow miku

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  • SNOW MIKU 2017

    by OHUさん

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  • 流れ星

    by Shadufさん