【Blender】OS式初音ミク5 (Tell Your World 服装)

投稿日:2017/08/31 07:45:59 | サイズ:900x600px(882KB) | 閲覧数:107 | カテゴリ:クリプトン公式


Here’s my contribution for Mikumikucollab​'s 10th Miku Anniversary!

This is my first render done with OS formula Hatsune Miku5 (5th generation) that was done with a new method of modelling and rigging. I chose this song because this song its the one I most love due to its lyrics, songs and original PV (I also love her Google Chrome ad as well!).

The model was done completely by scratch, rendered in Blender (2.80 early build) and it features her Tell Your World outfit as seen in the cover art of Tell Your World EP drawn by mebae.

As a special thing, you can now download a PC/Mac wallpaper version of it as well as an Android/iPhone one and a Google Chrome theme!

* 海外みくコラボレーションリンク: http://mikumikucollab.tumblr.com/post/164801614032/from-left-to-right-each-song-organized-by
* PC/Android/Chrome壁紙のダウンロードはこちら:http://download.osformula.com/osmiku5tyw

【Blender】OS式初音ミク5 (Tell Your World 服装)






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