【Robo feat. 初音ミク】I Love You More (Than I Used To)【オリジナル曲】

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I'm looking back to my steps again
The shape of you in my head
Inside my heart those remains of when
You were with me again
Those days are gone now and you won't back
The time is cruel with us
But i will be here
My feelings won't change for you
A thousand years
Running beside the high speed of time
Won't bring me back to you again
Cause all of the things we can do
Can live just one time
There is no reason to regret
Please come back to me
Don't let my hand go again
You can't forget cause i won't too
Don't leave me here
Don't let me go
I know because
I love you more than I used to
Love me love me now
Cause the days won't take me back
The time is right now
Because i love you more than i used
To do before when the days with you were real
The time will run out
But now i love you more than I used
So love me now cause the days won't take me back
The time is right now
Right now


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    Hello Robo, just want to inform you that songs which have been published before on YouTube, NND, etc are not eligible to enter the contest. You need to submit a completely new song which haven't been published anywhere else ^^

    2017/03/12 10:10:45 From  cosmoman

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    2017/03/09 00:15:21 From  末日號角與舞羽

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    Hello, RoboMuzik. It's electronic techno song. It's very cute and pop, so comfortable song. (^_^)

    2017/03/03 08:56:42 From  TT_ST

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