Amadeus (カラオケ)

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I knew when you came up in front of me
You are the one exceeds all the people
It feels like I was standin' there fading away

キミは ボクの 前に現れて
誰よりも 凌駕して 超えていた
誰もが キミに 惹きつけられて
ボクの 全てを 奪い去った

Once I was a shining star, but you were a brighter star
Here I am, you made me feel like I could never reach to you
I'm just falling down

I will be the one praise your gifts forever
And you won't ever figure out how I'm feelin'
It's too late to think of the value of my life

燃える 碧い 翡翠の瞳は
叫気の ミサを 嘆く眼
白い 肌を 血の色に染めて
壊れる キミが 嬉しかった

キミは 白い 粉に包まれて
何故か ボクは 涙に濡れた

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