[MMD IUKey] 初音ミクNT

投稿日:2020/11/08 22:08:52 | サイズ/拡張子:11,183KB/zip形式ファイル | 閲覧数:3,575 | カテゴリ:素材データ


Please, credit "Aiyuki Studio" for the model

Have fun!

- No sexual or violent expressions
- Do not use it for commercials (only Crypton Future Media)

contact: personnalaiyuki@gmail.com
Twitter: @StudioAiyuki

-- Piapro Studio
-- Crypton Future Media
-- iXima

[MMD IUKey] 初音ミクNT

I am Amethyst, also known as SILiA Production.

I am a composer, drawer, graphist, 3D modeler, singer, vocalsynths user like UTAU, SynthV, Piapro NT, and VOCALOID2.

I am the voice provider of ORELiA.

Nice to meet you! ^^

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