Snow Miku 2015

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To make this design I was inspired by contemporary idol costumes and the winter flower called Camellia Sasanqua.

I thought the idol dress would blend perfectly with the floral theme because flowers are related to happiness, cheerfulness, and beauty.

I hope everyone likes it!

Snow Miku 2015


  • スズランミク

    by Souruさん

  • 2015年雪ミク衣装  しらかばさん

    by こっこくらげさん

  • 花と一緒に

    by 三月さん

  • Snowflake Flower

    by Angel Beeさん

  • つばきミク

    by 白鷺さん

  • 2015年雪ミク衣装

    by Ochamoさん

  • 2015年雪ミク衣装 Snow Fairy Miku

    by KittyCatKissuさん

  • Snow Miku 2015

    by Prismbellさん

  • Fairy Goddess Miku

    by chelle129さん

  • 雪ミク2015

    by 紺ふゆこさん