Snow Miku 2020 (2020年雪ミク) - Music Academy Ver.

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Hello Vocaloid fans :)

Here is my entry for Snow Miku 2020 Design Contest yay :D !!
I really hope you'll like it as much as I do :)

The theme this year was Musical Instruments ;D ! SUch a good idea honestly !! So yay my design is a music student concept. The outfit includes several references to musical instruments (piano, violin etc ...) I really really love the little snow ball on her ribbon, I think it's a nice touch x') !
And Yukine is the cutest animal ever created !

ANyway here it is, if you like what you see please support and share my design ;D I'm crossing my fingers this year !!

Fighting !

Snow Miku 2020 (2020年雪ミク) - Music Academy Ver.

Just a random french guy loving vocaloid xD ♪





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