Much More Than You Were feat. 初音ミク [Hatsune Miku]

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A remix of my Magical Mirai 2017 Song Contest entry "More Than You Were".

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Art by Lily Grasso
Twitter: @feyspeaker


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illustration by Harmonic Enigmaさん


More Than You Were


Another restless night you couldn't sleep
Thinking about what to do in the coming week
You're out the door already bored
In the car and off to work now

But you wonder

Is this all there is?
Isn't there more than this?
You fought so hard to get here
You thought there'd be so much more

Sitting at your desk listening to a playlist live
While skimming endless emails in black and white
Suddenly your ear picks up my song
Soon you find yourself humming along

And you whisper

Is this all there is?
Isn't there more than this?
You look so hard to find me
And you soon find there's so much more

A couple years later at a crowded concert hall
You're surrounded with fellow fans from wall to wall
Glowsticks waving and singing along
But when I call the last song

Everyone cries out

This can't be all there is
There must be more than this
We've waited so long to see you
We want to have just a little more

But I know that

This isn't all there is
There's much more than this
I've got much more to show you
Just see what the future has in store

もっとみるLyrics by Harmonic Enigmaさん






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