Snow Miku 2016 :3

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Hi everybody >w< I'm entering the snow miku 2016 contest as you can see so I'll try to explain this concept art @.@ !

As winter sports are taking place in Hokkaido I did some researches about it //I'm french, deal with it xD!// And when I saw the flag of Hokkaido, it "sounds" like an evidence to put this for the snow Miku because this star really looks like a snowflake >w< ! I also liked the colors of course (red, blue and white like hokkaido and french flag xD) and thought it would be a little original to put red as a main color for a winter design *3*! Well the rest comes from my imagination ^^

If you like it please vote/fav/comment and I really hope that you will enjoy this //so many time on it @.@// !

Snow Miku 2016 :3


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