Snow Miku 2016

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If I have to pick one of my two costumes, I pick this one. I realized I entered a work before when I was super exhausted and when I woke up, I was not happy with the first one. The Snowboarding Snow Miku is my favorite design. Good luck! (^=_=^)

Snow Miku 2016


  • 2016年雪ミク衣装デザイン2

    by Jarrexさん

  • Ice Princess Snow Miku

    by Foxyさん

  • 2016年雪ミク衣装

    by ミニさん

  • 2016年雪ミク衣装

    by 黒様プリンさん

  • Snowshoe Miku

    by エミルーさん

  • 2016 sonw miku衣装

    by 猫粮さん

  • 2016年雪ミク衣装4

    by Jarrexさん

  • Skating Snowflake, Snow Miku

    by sammie_124さん

  • 2016 雪ミク衣装

    by 満天‐mantenさん

  • 2016 Snow Rainbow Miku

    by Bugostさん