Come, Join Us - こっちに, 私たちに参加 (Halloween)

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Come join us, in this realm of darkness... and all your worries will go away...
闇のこのレルムで、私たちに参加. お悩みは消えてしまいます
(私はあまり知らない. なことがあるなら, 私にあなたの指導をお願いします)
(Google Translated, please excuse me)
(Google Translate, 恐れ入りください)

* Models
- Candy Addict Miku - Akisuky-san
- API Miku - Mamama7028
- REM-apple Miku - REMmaple
- LAT Cyber Miku 2014 - Xenosnake
- Koron Miku - Koron
- Halloween Miku - Isshiki

- Fancy Red Room - amiamy111
- Langeais Video Accessories Pack - kulacco

- FireParticleSystem
- Half-Lambert Shader - Nattokare
- ShaderFader, HgSSAO, HgSAO, HgDOF, MLAA, Silhouette - HaganeP
- Okoneya's Effects: Diffusion, RayleighFilter, SelfOverlay, SurplusFilter, Tonemap.
- BokehDOF - Elle
- CheapLens, CrossLuminous - Unknown
- T_HorrorShader - meshi_dane

Come, Join Us - こっちに, 私たちに参加 (Halloween)

I'm neither a Japanese or a native English speaker, so my apology for any trouble I may cause.
I love Vocaloids' songs and the composers who write the beautiful tune and music.
I can't neither draw or compose. But the least I can do is using MMD to make beautiful pictures. I love doing it, and I will keep doing it!

I am young and inexperience, so please help me if there's any mistake.




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