Purple OCs - No Names (名前のない文字は; オリジナルキャラ)

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Links to item list, from left to right: http://tektek.org/av/259421 [Male OC] & http://tektek.org/avatar/54682489 [Female OC]

Pokemon used in images, left to right: Sableye (bottom left corner) & Haunter (top right corner) [Male OC] & Misdreavus (top left corner) & Banette (bottom left corner) [Female OC]

Reference for eyes of Purple Male OC: Blackquill (guy on left side; http://dagi00.deviantart.com/art/Blackquill-and-Fulbright-in-Tuxedo-389630470 ), with the black stuff around his eyes, my Purple Male OC has pretty much the same style/look going on.

Charahub Profiles (for refs etc.): For Male OC ( http://tinyurl.com/kx9m5mu ); For Female OC ( http://tinyurl.com/k8f8fcu )

Created on TekTek (based on Gaia Online Items, excluding the Pokemon edited in)

Purple OCs - No Names (名前のない文字は; オリジナルキャラ)


My Japanese is VERY rusty/shaky, I only remember the basics and things of that sort. Although, please feel free to speak to me in Japanese. In order to get better, I need to practice reading it. I don't want to write it, otherwise I would sound/look silly. So this is in English until I learn Japanese better. Then I will write this message correctly myself, without a translator.

Also, I cannot draw Dx T_T :<