The Wings of Melody

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Happy Lunar New Year of 2014, humans! For this new Lunar Year, I hope the melodies of your life, your mind, your soul will be as tranquil, as energetic, as clear as ever since you are born. And maybe take it up to the sky? Give wings to your melodies and let it soars the milky way! Have fun this year~

And oh, it's the year of the Horse, but don't you start horsing around just yet, get some horsepower in those muscles and make this a year better than the last!

* Models *
- LAT Angel Miku - Midnighthinata

* Accessories *
- Musical Note Onpu - MMDyuyu
- Crystal Heart atld0107
- Stardome - Trackdancer

* Stages *
- Star Gate Stage - Kanzaki Sakura
- Byakuren's Holy Lotus Stage - Eto
- Angel Heart Stage - daredevil1985 or KurooniXXX

* Effects *
- ObjectLuminous, SvDOF, Cook Torrance Shader, World Snow, Soft and Hard Light Shader - Unknown
- SSAO - mqdl
- Afterglow, Yogami, DLAA, LikeHDR, Pixel Edge Blur, Vignette, Diffusion - Okoneya

The Wings of Melody

I'm neither a Japanese or a native English speaker, so my apology for any trouble I may cause.
I love Vocaloids' songs and the composers who write the beautiful tune and music.
I can't neither draw or compose. But the least I can do is using MMD to make beautiful pictures. I love doing it, and I will keep doing it!

I am young and inexperience, so please help me if there's any mistake.




  • 寝るミク

    by さんずさん

  • 衛星軌道上のミクさん

    by JUTさん

  • ポーリュシカポーレ

    by はなこさん

  • 初音ミク

    by JUTさん

  • Lady Antheia

    by トリノ浪さん

  • 亞北ネルの日

    by 仮んごさん

  • For my soul

    by ゆー子さん

  • iMic リターンズ

    by 栞那さん

  • 杏音&鳥音

    by わたるんさん

  • あ、あんまりみつめないでください・・・

    by まなりささん