Snow Miku 2018 - Frost Wolf Miku

投稿日:2017/04/23 22:45:36 | サイズ:2551x1361px(3,957KB) | 閲覧数:621 | カテゴリ:クリプトン公式

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Snow Miku 2018 based on a wolf. Wild, spiky hair and a furry coat give her the wilder, wolf-like look, while her cuteness is still very much there. The tiny wolf paw on her dress, bows, blush and cute coat give her the cuteness any Miku needs.
Frost can be spotted in her hair, ears and coat.
Yukine joins Miku in her travels, sharing the same necklace, bow and furry touches. She jumps around happily, carrying a huge snowflake.

Snow Miku 2018 - Frost Wolf Miku



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    by 薇紙さん

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