Snow Miku Adventurous Snow Pack

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Miku is wearing a warm, navy jacket with rolled-up sleeves, with knitted, turquoise, arm warmers and navy gloves. Two different ribbons at the front and back, front to close the jacket and the back for decoration on the jacket. Underneath she is wearing a pink dress and comfortable winter boots. The jacket also has tassels and the outfit is simplistic and easy to move in, for her to enjoying Hokkaido's Winter Sports.

Her knitted cap, has ear flaps with a snowflake on it and long tassels. The cap is further decorated with a white-cross and navy headband to have the pink goggle fit nicely. The knitted cap fits comfortably on her head with a decorative pattern and a navy tassel on the end of the cap.

Miku is ready to enjoy the winter sports with her custom design snowboard, skiis and and extra pair of skates.

Have fun Miku!

Snow Miku Adventurous Snow Pack



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