US Miku 2011

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Entered for 2011 Miku US Design. I wanted to keep a similar silhouette and colors as Kei's very famous and popular design, while adding a little bit of American fashion to it. Keeping Miku looking like herself, but still a bit different, was my goal.

US Miku 2011

まだわからない。。難しいすぎる ;_;


  • aomiku

    by serveさん

  • (non title)

    by ウニウニさん

  • USA Miku 2

    by SakuraChan7さん

  • Miku English Version

    by rhoderawrさん

  • by はたくさん

  • アイコン1

    by わちさん

  • POP STAR FLAIR! - USA Miku design

    by riningearsさん

  • Hatsune Miku US 3

    by HatsuneMiku01さん

  • ミクさ~ん

    by LUTECIA_VHさん