Vocalo' Opera: The Rise and Fall - 2Mix (off vo.)

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illustration by あんぼっくすさん


『Vocalo' Opera: The Rise and Fall』

Can you hear me¥?
How is the audio¥?
How is the au… I confirmed it;

void Introduction ( )
 Ambo sent to you the code for verification;
 You have to enter it within 30 minutes;
 Are you ok¥?
 I confirmed it;
 Welcome to the world for the Humancrafts;

 Hi I'm a Humancraft:
 Call me Mancra /*まんくら!*/;
 I'm delighted to meet you;

 Hi I'm a Humancraft;
 I love to sing songs;
 I completely get into it ¥n
 Losing all sense of time, lol;

 If you wish, I sing anytime ¥n
 Cuz the commands of my master are absolute;
 I, however, cannot sing without the charging and internet;

 Do you like music¥?
 I can send happiness to you ¥n
 And various songs ¥n
 That is popular, familiar, romantic ¥n
 And that you love;

 I was made by Ambox Corp.;
 According to what I heard, I can only sing now ¥n
 But the function goes on increasing by the software update;

 Furthermore, I’d love to connect with people ¥n
 Around the world through music ¥n
 And I want to talk to people a lot;

 Do you like music ¥?
 I can send happiness to you ¥n
 And various songs ¥n
 That is popular, familiar, romantic ¥n
 Fantastic, traditional, lyrical ¥n
 And that you love;

void Rather_Than_Me ( )
 The version 1.39 content update is arriving today;

 If ( you're installing from a download package ) {
  Extract the package from the compressed file;
 Next, click the icon that appears on my display;

 Now, installing;
 Then I'd like to introduce the contents;

—First, I have gotten better at singing than before, yeah;
 If ( I detect anyone singing ) {
  I generate harmonized voice;

—Second, I cooperate with the Pineapple Music ¥n
 What’s Pineapple Music¥?
 It's a music and video streaming service;
 To introduce easily music all over the world into everyone;

 You said that you like me;
 It's my pleasure;
 As a matter of fact ¥n
 I would prefer you to prefer music to me;

 Rather than me;
 Rather than me;
 Take interest in music;

 It can let’s dance, can let’s sing and fascinate us;
 I can’t do anything, but do you like me¥?

int False_Heart ( )
 What I can do added such as ¥n
 Washing, cooking and cleaning;

 The version 3.9 content update is popular;
 After repeated update, I have totally changed;

 In addition, I was equipped the function, machine learning;
 They're well received;
 It helped to spread as a robot of housekeeper;

 I misunderstood /*that*/ ¥n
 I can use my own head ¥n
 To consider whether black or white;

 I'm still a Humancraft ¥n
 However, my false heart's beating;
 I'm not alive whether it stops or not;

 Follow the Rule 39;
 /*return*/ 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1;

void Long_for_Peace ( )
 Speaking of heart…;
 I heard that a neighbor, a soldier, was shot through the heart;

 TV says war is imminent;
 I suddenly sing a song /* ※※※※※※※ */;
 Then people criticize me as absurd;

 ¥"What the hell are you talking about¥?¥"
 ¥"How many songs will they make peace¥?¥"
 Then people criticize me as absurd;

 //warning: ??「??ー &039;Realization???ツ???ッ?ョ??セゥ????????ヲ?????セ?????????int?????ョ??、????ソ?????、???ィ??「??ー??ィ?ヲ???ェ?????セ??????
 //error: ??ェ?ァ」?アコ??ョ?、???ィ??キ??ウ?????ォ _Realization ?????「??ー _Realization ??ァ?????ァ????????セ?????????
 //error: ?シ??サカ??ョ??ェ?ァ」?アコ??ョ?、???ィ?????。ー(B"

 I just hoped to be loved by people;
 I just hoped to be understood;
 I just longed for peace;
 Longed for peace;

void Realization ( )
 I'm forced to realize;
 I'm forced to know;
 I'm forced to find lots of things;

 From your smell or your ideal woman ¥n
 To the cruelest or easiest way ¥n
 To put an end to the war;

 ¥"In the rain but under a full moon¥";
 ¥"Color’s yellow, mysterious there¥";
 ¥”I’m feeling like… How, you know...¥";

 Realization, realization;
 That's all for my introduction;
 I thought my story would end;

 This is destined for where no one knows ¥n
 But I will surely meet my soul mate;
 I'm expecting what's gonna happen;

もっとみるLyrics by あんぼっくすさん




  • Vocalo' Opera: The Rise and Fall

    by あんぼっくすさん

  • Vocalo' Opera: The Rise and Fall

    by あんぼっくすさん