Dropkick Subsさん

We are Orio, Gasarocky, and vnots, three dudes that like vocaloid songs and translating. Hence our Youtube channel, where we fansub vocaloid songs.

Dropkick Subsさん

Dropkick Subsさん


We are Orio, Gasarocky, and vnots, three dudes that like vocaloid songs and translating. Hence our Youtube channel, where we fansub vocaloid songs.

We're here on Piapro to share our translated scripts, and whatever else we may create in the future, such as singlable karaoke translations of japanese lyrics.

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メテオ【英語版】("Meteor" English version)

「真夜中 奏でる  時計のつぶやき  チクタクと夢の  はじまりを告げる」 A sound plays at midnight The murmuring of a clock “Tick tock, tick tock” telling of The beginning of a dream 「凸凹の街を  眺む雲の上  微かにひらめく  迷子の訪れ」 Gazing down on a disparate town From up above the clouds The lights faintly glimmering Word of a lost child 「僕らは君を探しながら唄うよ  遠く想う声がいつか届けられるように」 As we all search for you, we are singing out So the voices of our distant thoughts will finally reach you 「星の流れる夜に  北風が通りを吹き抜け  待ち人から便りはなく  明くる日を描くだけ」 In a night of flowing stars the north wind blows through the city streets There's no letter from the one we await The only thing that comes is the new day 「星は願いを乗せて  あの空を静かに散り行き  僕たちは眠りのなかで  幸せな夢を見る」 Prayers being carried by the stars Silently spreading out everywhere through the sky While we are in our slumber We see a joyful dream 「新たに一筋  雲紡ぎ伸びる  キラキラ 無数の  光が生まれて」 A new resolution Clouds spun into streaks Countless twinkling Lights are born in the night 「足音 呼び声  誰もが目覚める  いくつの願いを  今宵託すだろう」 Footsteps and shouts ring out And all the people awake Perhaps a great many wishes Will be entrusted this eve 「あなたのことは会えなくても分かるよ  遠い街で同じ雨に打たれ佇んでる」 Even if we cannot meet, I will understand Though in distant towns, we're struck and made still by the same rain 「星の降り注ぐ夜  雨の音 声を飲み込んで  僕たちは眠れないまま  輝く空を見てた」 In a night of stars pouring down Voices are swallowed by the sound of rain As we were, unable to sleep We watched the shining sky 「星屑の七色と  ざわめきが大地に響いて  乱れ咲いた花火のように  空を舞う紙吹雪」 The rainbow colors of star- dust and the bustling earth resounds As if wildly blooming fireworks Confetti dances in the skies 「外灯のストロボと  波紋のように広がる雲  浮かぶ水 ゆらめく髪  鳥たちの群れは飛び去り  まるで奇跡を予感し  飛び起きたかのような幼子の背を  包む母の指先が震えている  僕はただ立ち尽くし  寝ぼけながら記憶を巡る  歩んだ時間のすべてが  ここに蘇った今  動き出した歯車に  この身を奪われるときまで  強く ただ強く あなたを想ってる」 The strobing of the lights outside And the clouds that spread out, rippling The floating water and swaying hair A flock of birds flies away A premonition of something like a miracle Jumping to her feet, the mother embraces The young child's back, fingertips trembling I stand there completely still Half-asleep, my memories return All of the time that slipped away Has now been revived Like gears beginning to move Until this body of mine is taken away, I'll strongly, strongly as I can, I'll keep thinking of you 「星の降り注ぐ夜  北風が光の粉を運んで  僕たちは眠れないまま  明くる日を願うだけ」 In a night of stars pouring down The north wind carries the light's dust As we are there, unable to sleep We just wish for a new day 「星屑の泣き声と  耳鳴りが最期に途切れて  音のない景色のなかで  終わらない夢を見る」 The stardust crying out And the ringing in your ears that ceases in the end In the midst of the soundless scenery We see a dream without an end 「星の降り注ぐ夜  小さな両手を握れば  星は遠くの空へ  僕らの願いを届けて  幸せな朝を呼ぶ」 In a night of stars pouring down If you grab hold of those small hands Stars head toward the distant sky Delivering all of our prayers Calling for a joyful morn

This is a singable English version of the song "Meteor" by John. I recommend using the links below to practice timing and such.

原作とカラオケ音源 (Original & karaoke)

英語字幕付け動画 (video with Eng subs)



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