【Template】Asking confirmation of details about translation

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This article is my template message. This template is used in 3rd step of below.
1.I asked permission of English translation to my friend or new-known creator.
2.He or she gave me good reply.
3.Ask him/her to confirm details.

I use this template before translation. And make sure in details, even if he or she is soul-friend. Treat whom the newcomer in your sight, with special kindness.
The more respect makes your work more easily.

Interested in "how to explain in Japanese"? Check this article!


Dear Madam or Sir:

This message is confirmation about English translation. 

I'd like to show details in advance.

Where to be the place open the works?
PIAPRO beta, my blog(s), Facebook, Mixi, VOCALOID (oversea) wikia, e-book publishing websites. Those e-book websites are Paboo, Kindle Direct Publishing, etc. 

It may be non-profit purposes, but also making little money on it (act for value). As the rightsholder, you (composer, lyricist, other collaborative member) may still commercially/non-commercially exploit your work.

How do I do translation?
The loyal to original (Japanese) meaning. That will not suit for singing. I'll show translation work as the suit of English and ro-maji version.

How about other linguistic terms?
In the needs of non-native Japanese and Japanese learners, some linguistic terms must be included. For example, homonymous words. To encourage understanding of Japanese culture, background information (what/how complexed feeling was there? Why did the translator choose this word for the song?), too.

How about exploit of the translated work?
Other PIAPRO beta member can use the translated work, under PIAPRO's rule. I don't object about these proper and reasonable utilization. As the rightsholder, you (composer, lyricist, other collaborative member) may still commercially/non-commercially exploit the translated work, too, however, that commercial utilization needs the notification to the translator.

Please make sure details. When you think "it's okay." about the point, let me know about it. If you needs any details, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Yours sincerely,



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