Dream Map (40メートルP様の「夢地図」 英語歌詞)

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Tripped by the feet of reality
Collapsed into a heap by my dreams
The end of this path that I'd set out on was lost to sea
I know the reason's within me
It's always been so clear within me
I'm always searching hard to reach for a brand new way to break free

From the place where we're all born
To the place where we all must “go”(die)
I can't help but notice that it's not that far (apart)

No matter how many times I take
a quick detour, I find myself lost in a brand new place
Soon I find that all that I'd ever made and had sent away*
is now just “lost”(nothing) again...

* “sent away” = “sent them off”.. giving them to someone important, or letting them fly like lanterns

Whenever I bump into high walls
and end up getting so lost
I'd always lose sight of the important things and forget where I'd started from
But, every time that I look back
I'd see that the blue sky overhead
The scene that
I'd drawn onto my dream map
is still glowing there in my hands

I've been taking this
circled detour, it's
gotten to the point where I've forgotten where I've gone
But, I promise I
won't be daunted by this winding road ahead
I'll take the risk, that said!

That's because the songs ? each and every song
I weave out, yes, that's right it comes from all of my pains
The blue sky overhead
I'll take these dreams and I'll
fly to the other side!


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