Limited express for Tokyo, "Sakura"英訳&ローマ字歌詞

This is a faithfully translated lyrics of "東京行き「さくら」" by Kirimisakana.
rashly man@ジャパニーズビジネスマンP(composer/lyricist) gave me permission of English translation.
*See also translator's tips below.

First use of my life
This one-way ticket without booking return
Limited express "Sakura" for Tokyo ticket, I clenched
Waved to home going blurry

Full-stuffed bag with great ambition
and hidden anxiety in the chest, are my companions
I wonder where I come up now
Stare into the dark window

Sleepless night goes on quietly
Let the rail-beat me to rock
At day breaks, the new city
will give me gentle welcome?

ro-maji version:Limited express for Tokyo, "Sakura"

Jinsei no naka de hajimete tsukau
Kaeru yoyaku no nai katamichi kippu
Toukyou yuki "sakura" no chiketto nigiri shime
Kasumu koykou ni te wo futta

Kabann ippai ni tsume ta ookina kitai to
Mune ni hisonn da fuann wo tsurete
Ima dono henn made kiteru no darou to
Kurai shasou ni me wo korasu

Nemure nai yoru ha(wa) shizuka ni fukete yuku
Re-ru no bi-to ni karada wo azuke
Yoru ga aketa ra atarasii machi ha(wa)
Yasasiku boku wo mukaete kureru kana?

Translator's tips: 3 techniques
1.Let's see two techniques, deleting and transposing. "夜が明けたら新しい街は~" has nuance of "I'm wondering". I deleted it. The who wondering is "I". That is already clear to us.
In this lyric, the passenger "I" feels very anxiety. The young who has ambition and anxiety, try to deny the latter. Expressing this anxiety, I transposed the subject word "I" to "The city". Using non-life subject make the presence of "I" weak.

2.Let's see last technique, "not deleting". The phrase "帰る予約の無い片道切符" sounds little curiously in English translation. Though, I need to translate faithfully. To emphasize "this is first long trip in his/her life" point. The lyricist ( rashly man ) could write simple "片道切符" in Japanese. But he didn't. I, translator must obey his will. The "without booking return" words are needless to say in thesis, but this is lyric.

3.The reason of very different words "let the rail-beat me to rock". In English, "預ける ( azu + keru ) " means "leave something in somebody's care" or "entrust something to somebody". It sounds overstating the scene. "I" just sat on seat and rocked with railroad-beat. This is a variation of transposing.


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This is a faithful English translation lyrics and romaji lyrics.I got permission from rashly man@ジャパニーズビジネスマンP(composer/lyricist). If you want sing this translated version, make sure to credit original author & translator's name, and URL in video.
rashly man@ジャパニーズビジネスマンPさんに許可を得て、語義に忠実な英語翻訳歌詞 及び ローマ字歌詞を投稿します。この翻訳バージョンで歌ってみたい場合は、ビデオ内での原曲者、翻訳者の名及びURLを明記してください。

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