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    Unlikely Snow White


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    illustration by yesi_chanさん


    Unlikely Snow White feat. Hatsune Miku
    Music & Lyrics: Yesi-chan

    Wasn't long ago
    that I was wishing there was someone
    to save me from the darkness
    and the ones who want me dead.

    Wasn't long ago
    that someone did in fact come find me.
    But by the time he came
    it was myself I'd come to hate.

    Someone weak and defenseless,
    the princess snow white
    can never find the courage
    to survive.

    Being lost in the forest
    of the nightmares inside
    I long to escape from this farce.

    A mirror made them see
    someone who's the fairest of them all.
    But it failed to see inside of me
    one who doesn't fit the bill at all.

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    why did you paint a target on my back?
    Can't you see that I'm not meant to be?
    Leave me be and tell her it's not me.

    Wasn't long ago
    that I escaped the dreaded hunstman.
    I used my charm to lure him
    to a place beyond the grave.

    If this doesn't work,
    would it mean that the world is shallow,
    and all it takes is someone who will judge a pretty face?

    I feel bad for the huntsman,
    never saw beyond the farce.
    Was easy to deceive him
    that's for sure.

    Who can say
    that the princess
    was the fairest of them all
    when all was far from what it seemed?

    The prince that came to me
    never thought he'd find someone like me.
    Someone who had cast away the light
    and had seen at least two people die.

    Got so tired of the norm.
    That I just had to stand for me and fight.
    It's as if something has changed in me.
    That scared him as he
    saw his last romance.

    Ah, how sad
    that I had to let him go, oh

    Dearest, I'm sorry
    that you loved me so.

    もっとみるLyrics by yesi_chanさん

    This song presents Miku as a twisted Snow White.


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