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illustration by 風柚子さん


A traveling salesman landing in a town sitting on his way
"Hello, hello, will anyone buy today?"
With a long way ahead and a need to rest but not very long to spare
"Hello, hello"
He sets up a table there

He sits in the morning, slowly freezing, hoping for someone new
"Hello, hello, would you like to see one too?"
But only the little children come and look with their curious eyes
"Hello, hello"
With nothing for them to buy

He answers their stares
With kindness and care
And soon their young guardian comes kindly passing by
She thanks him instead
Brings all of her friends
To help him as customers and look over his supply

They offer him conversation as he passes the following days
"Hello, hello"
and learn what he has to say
He greets them in turn and helps them out whenever they need a hand
"Hello, hello"
And that's how it all began
With every single person whom he soon came to understand

The villagers treat him like a friend, as if he were right at home
"Hello, hello"
A place he could call his own
Invite him to parties, give him gifts, and lend him a caring ear
"Hello, hello"
With lasting, resounding cheer

In all of the towns
That he'd ever found
He never had met so many people with so much love
But soon before long
He'd have to move on
The cloud hanging over him would only remain above

"A traveling salesman can never stay too long"
With those words he knows he can't pretend to be wrong
He holds a heavy heart and says all his farewells
With things that he cannot tell

He stands at the gate, prepared to leave, uncertain if he'll return
And all the things he wanted to do unworn
A gathering builds behind him yelling at him to turn around
He takes a step --
and turns back to face the sound --

The memories overflowing in his heart showing on his face
"Hello, hello, and thank you for all the fun"
He hides all his tears behind his arm, they wave at him with a smile
"Hello, hello, I'll only be gone a while"

Their feelings as one
Behind him they run
Until they reach the gates where the border falls away
With well-wishing thoughts
They cheer on the spot
And all together they have one last wish to say
"Goodbye for now, and may we meet yet again someday"

A traveling salesman with a heavy heart in a brand-new town
"Hello, hello"
His eyes looking sadly down
He gathers his courage, throws his sadness out so that he can say
"Hello, hello, will anyone buy today?"

もっとみるLyrics by Lystrialleさん





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