Saihate - The Farthest Ends (2018 cover)

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Original lyrics, music & production by Onyx Kobayashi
Originally performed by Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)
English cover lyrics, tuning & mixing by Kurenai_Akari / 紅_明り
English cover performed by MEIKO V3 (Vocaloid - English VB)


+ 追加

In late Spring, on that distant hill where you'll rest forever in peace
Why won't you answer me?
Why did you leave me and everyone else?

One life begins as one life ends
Today, your valiant tale will now draw to a close
If you can somehow hear the regrets in this song. . .
then listen to what I must say

*Chorus pt. 1
Through the seasons that come and go
Know that I'll always be thinking fondly of you
It hurts so much to be apart from you,
but that's just the way how life goes
As the butterfly carries you away,
with orange and black dyed upon it's gentle wings
The happy and sad memories of you. . .
It gave birth to such a wonderful love
This is farewell

Still, I really want to believe
that you and I can see each other once again
But until that truly joyous day comes my way. . .
I'll endure all the tears that fall

*Chorus pt. 2
I know someday the pain will end
and I'll find the courage to move on forward
Even now, I still try to find that smiling face
waiting for me inside the crowd
As the butterfly carries you away,
with orange and black dyed upon it's gentle wings
I was unable to do it back then,
but now I'll see you off with a wave and smile
This is farewell

La la

もっとみるLyrics by 紅_明りさん

日本語: 始めまして。私の名前はKurenai_Akari (くれない_あかり)、よろしく! 私はアメリカから、だから済みません、私は日本語が少しだけ出来ます。私は英語で作詞をします。


ー 紅_明り


英語 (ENG):
Greetings. My name is Kurenai_Akari, it's nice to meet you! I'm from America, so I apologize if my Japanese can't be understood well. I write lyrics for songs in the English language.

Please feel free to write to me if you have any questions. I'd love to learn more about you~

- Kurenai_Akari

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