Of course Kaito,from now on too

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"Of course Kaito,from now on too" 英語歌詞


Of course Kaito,from now on too

With white sneakers sounded , KAITO , the older brother has come over today too.
Several years have already passed surprisingly fast since your debut.
You were envious of MEIKO big sister because her popularity was more than you at first.
But it was good for you to bear it as a result now.
You are in great demand now. Mixed voices madrigal must have the your attractive male voice ,
so as to let the song be more beautiful than without it .
Thanks to your voice, the your guarantee increased, too.
You buy any soft ice cream , stick ice, the cup ice , ice bar of frozen fruit juice and the decorated ice cream.
You have free appetite and eat too much.
Please do not get a stomach out of order. And please let your cool low tone voice sound from now on too
just as your voice is today.

With his blue muffler fluttering, and the KAITO older brother sings so happily.
Several years from since your debut have passed in no time surprisingly.
You sing any song whatever comes with self confidence , even the blues , ballad, the popular song and the rock
or the music of the cowardice squadron song.
You are the very idol of all now.  The clear male voice of a cool tenor and bass attracts everybody ,
and does not allow their ears to leave from your song.  
Thanks to your voice, you came in much earning.
So you get and eat,ice cream puff the gelati lactic ice cream・ice cream monaka・and ice cream sundae with others.  
So I afraid that your body to be too cooled. Please take care of yourself seriously.
Please let your low tone voice sound to everybody and attract them from now on too.

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