Minerva's Owl (ver.2012) 英訳

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Lyrics by mak.kanz@wa

mak.kanz@wa さんの事前許諾のもと、『Minerva's Owl (ver.2012) 』歌詞を英訳しました。


This is the translation which loyal to original author's thoughts.

Title:Minerva's Owl (ver.2012)
Original lyric by mak.kanz@wa
Translated (with author's agreement) by Kirimisakana

The Minerva messenger doesn't hesitate
Flies straight into the chance
between night and dawn
Takes its flight spread its white wings

Complication, I have thought things ware more simple
But when I try to know something, addition comes more
Frustration, needs to clean up the gadgets and nothing goes on
The dust piled in the eyesight corner make future obscure

Ah, I could believe the truth in the surface of the world
Ah, what am I doing? Where am I now?

Love and kindness should be for someone
I found myself asking an equal exchange
The sunbeam shows my greedy eyes at sunset
It cast the light into the bottom of heart
as if it taught something to me

Communication, I straightened fingers to somewhere not knowing where to reach
But when I try to touch someone, the anxiety attacks
Classification, I want to feel needed and trusted
Always I missed to hear the someone's voice in fear of abondonment

Ah, prayers sung closing their eyes the voice faded into the night air again
Ah, the innocent-laughing knife stabs my back again

If I gave up and spend the time pretending to having known everything
Does anyone get hurt? I don't need such a logic
I can't see my toes in the darkness of night
I wish if I had the wings to take a flight toward the darkness

I don't know what is right
I can't fly, I don't know ( what is right )
I wanna go, I will seek out the answer in the edge of this world someday

I would fly to the sky above
Even if someone's screaming voice pierce my heart
I would get strong wings on my shoulder
Even if the howling winds blow hard to our hope

As the Minerva messenger opens white wings
To the floating moon between the blue night and red dawn



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