When I go home, I catch her call

Her voice is strange


An anxious thought flashes through my mind

She'll come from now on


In fact something occurs to me

Did she notice that I was having an affair with someone?

She stands in the entrance with the look of the devil

She seems to reload the machine gun of words

I look for a bullet to ask for your permission

Unluckily, I have only few shots to try chaining your heart to me

The show begins

I make the first move and I say to her "Be cool"

It's meaningless

I know

The bad feeling often proves right

My secret comes out

Oh, no

I try to beg her question

It passes through my conscience

I have a hairbreadth escape

She launches an all‐out attack on

A core of my matter is exposed

At this rate, I will be riddled with shot.

I reload words with hoping

"Do you still love me?"

I'm wishing, praying to her

After a few silence, lots of bullet kiss me and I fall down to the bed


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Reload Words 歌詞



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