rin kagamine antichlorobenzene lyrics

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i did it


It's difficult, it's sad,
it's regrettable, that I want to stop,
and yet I'm not even allowed to do that,
but only keep on losing more and more.
It's too painful, it's too detestable,
it's futile, that I want to erase all,
abandon anything and everything,
fly off, and make an clamorous outcry.
Without understanding anything,
you run through the town at night.
Without saying anything to you,
I merely keep on watching.
Some cheap words have been lined up,
but just where is the goal?
The rules are not over there,
but are weakly decaying.
And then I start to talk:
"I will correct everything in this world."
And I try to deceive the cat:
"I will be able to correct everything."
Brandishing an impossible promise,
I indulge in self-satisfaction.
Everybody knows and understands,
so today, too...
You will be exposed, be shattered,
become rusty, and rot away,
and even the absurd gossips
will be washed away and become truths.
Lies are fine, I don't care,
because we are the correct ones here,
and therefore we will completely crush
your deeply sinful immoralities.
Does this song have a meaning?
This verse has no meaning.
Is this song sinful?
This verse is not sinful.
Does that song have a meaning?
That verse has no meaning.
Is that song sinful?
The sin of that verse is...
And then I come to a realization,
that I should not create anything after all.
What is the value of your life?--
--Just a stray cat, whom I've thrust into a pond.
To some empty meaningless words,
I dance and wave about, until I lose them.
What is "good"? What is "evil"?
I don't know anything anymore.
Now, let's go mad together!
For what do I sing?
I just sing without understanding why.
We crush evil, and brandish justice.
As we stop wandering we don't realize
our foolish deeds.
It's not possible, it's not forgivable,
and it won't stop, this feeling of mine.
This pain and this detest
strike right through my heart.
It's difficult, it's sad,
it's futile, that I want to erase all,
and yet I'm not even allowed to do that,
because only renunciation will save me now.
Lies are fine, I don't care,
let's forgive, let's give acceptance.
We're so mad that it seems like
we can embrace even laughter and jealousy.
Be it "good" or "evil",
let's [kill] everything, and then fall into a slumber.
I've had enough; I'm really tired now.
Will we be salvaged?