World's Last Sunset Ver. 2022

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Official Lyrics for "World's Last Sunset Ver. 2022 feat. Hatsune Miku"

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What if the world ends? What if it all ends today
You ask me
Watching the ocean waves washing up
Breathing in the salty breeze
I can’t think, the endless sea of such emotions drown out my head
Where the deep ocean trenches lead, it’s too dark to ground my feet

Where we stood, those years ago
I can’t clear my mind, from those times
As the sun gives in, there you go
Fading with the breeze
I just wish I could reach

To you on that day, the day you said your goodbye
From those times
Knowing how it would feel giving up, a life that is full of lies
Can’t hold on, please show me where I can go
To see the “Pandora’s World” that you know


What if the world ends?
What if your world ends?
What if our world ends?
These stars illuminate our night
Before, the world ends
Only if you were by my side
A time when you lied
A time when you-

What if-
What if my world ends?
Closing melancholic trends, a swan song
The colourful decay of my life, the painful truth that resides
In my heart, hoping that we could return
To those lost days that we had on this earth

I just don’t hear it
I just don’t see it
I just can’t say it

All of these voices in this head
Just leave it behind, even if the world ends tonight
I will say goodbye
Just for this last time.

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