Internal Monoluge

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Official lyrics for "Internal Monologue feat. Hatsune Miku"

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Tell me truthfully
Are you able to hear
This plea of imprisonment
That’s bounding me to what is real

I wish you could see
This dark cloud that’s engulfing me
This pain made from evil
I won’t know where this will lead

Looking with these eyes
Everyone just walks on by

They would not approve

All these jealous thoughts
Arrows of sorrow I do not know

Walking anxiously,
Looking down from the sounds I hear

Please just save me

Left, right, up and down
Everywhere I go I hear you near

In this state of my mind
Constantly deprived from my own life
Running in circles in fear
I don’t want to be left behind
No one can seem to hear
My monologue that I speak so hard

I just want to live my life

Crying hopelessly
It’s getting hard to breathe
Sobbing in the corner
Where the brightest light will never reach
Sinking ocean deep
I just can’t mouth the words to say
On the sea bed my sunk mind wants to just runaway

I can’t sleep at night
With this anxiety
Creeping from the backseat of fright
It just likes to mute my mouth

Endless tinkering
I can’t even seem to sing
The melodies that I constantly reflect upon

I can’t change the past
Given this present day
Jumping in the grey zone
Would not even try to change my fate

You won’t understand
All of these conflicts in my head
Speaking out of line I think that it was all but dead

All these voices I can’t keep it in my head
Laugh away, this pain that I just cannot stand
In this world that has these sounds
I can’t seem to care anymore
Even in this life, I just can’t get through to you

Nothing left for you
There’s no hope for you

You can’t comprehend
This freedom that I seek
Pushing up against the wall
Where there is no point of return

Shaking all the truth
I’m the one that despises me
Can you see my thoughts
Are all shaken internally

Crashing with the waves
It’s something I can’t grip
Falling down the rabbit hole
Where tides begin to drown your peace

There’s no saving me
I start to lose my sanity
The lyrics I write
Are nothing but all tragic lies

As the ocean brings
All the small shells of sand
Thinking what the future holds
Without all of these aching thoughts

Could you hear me out
I think I am going paranoid
All that is left is all this
Internal Monologue

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