(English translation) Our genes ("Bokura no idenshi") ぼくらの遺伝子

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I give here the meaning of my original song “Bokura no idenshi” (Our genes, ぼくらの遺伝子) in English. These are not singable lyrics, and I would greatly appreciate if someone translate my Japanese lyrics into singable English lyrics. If so, I’d be happy to make a new VOCALOID part (and a new movie) with my English Miku&Len, if needed. Please contact me!

ぼくらの遺伝子 “Bokura no idenshi” (Our genes)
English translation (tentative) by SAKURA Kohei 2019

YouTube (Japanese version, Miku&Len):

(C) SAKURA Kohei 2019.
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ちいさくて かわいくて
Small and pretty,
元気いっぱい 生きている
vigorously living
あなたより小さな 花がさいた
flowers, which are smaller than you, are now blooming.

大きくて やさしくて
Large and warmhearted,
いのちいっぱい ないている
being alive and crying,
あなたより大きな 花がさいた
flowers, which are bigger than you, are now blooming.

ぼくら遺伝子は どこにいって
Our genes, where are they going?
何をみつけて かえるでしょう
And what will they find in their future?
風にのって きみと出会って
Blown by the wind, somewhere they’ll get together,
いのちいっぱい さくでしょう
and someday they’ll bloom together.

ぼくら遺伝子は ふねにのって
Our genes, each of them is aboard on a small boat,
川を下って ゆくのでしょう
and goes downstream on a river.
ときに出会って またときに別れ
Some of them will get closer, and others will get separated,
だれに名前を つけるでしょう
and eventually, they will give names to the new ones.

この世界は まだ 終わらないんだ
We know we still have time till the end of the world,
愛のうた 消えぬように
and our love song will last forever.
この世界が そっと笑うように
We believe we’ll make the world smiles
愛のボール はずむように
when our love grows,
あなたより小さな 花がさいた
and when the flowers bloom!




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